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Zamak Metal 24.3 mm x 6.4 mm Bridge Buckle E 2168

Zamak Metal 24.3 mm x 6.4 mm Bridge Buckle E 2168

About Our Sales Policy

  • For Single / Retail orders (1-200 pieces), we ship from the Colors Available in Stock and we ask you to order a minimum of 12 (1 Dozen) or its multiples.
  • The quoted price is one retail price.
  • The price offered is valid for standard colors, without enamel and stone, and price difference is applied for products with enamel and stone decoration.
  • For orders of 200 pieces or more, the color preferred by the customer is coated and sent with a delay of 3-4 business days.
  • Please ask price for purchases (5000 pieces and above).
  • For colors other than standard colors, solid colors, enamel, stone and glass stone products, please see the Special Coating Colors tab or contact us.
  • In the case of quantity orders, work is done with the logo of your company and in accordance with your own design. Please contact us.
  • There may be color tone differences between the visual and the real product due to light reflection in the photographing of the products.
  • For international shipping (DHL shipping fee is reflected for orders from countries with shipping) and for shipping costs, please contact us.


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  • Stock: In Stock
  • Brand: Çağlayan Aksesuar
  • Model: E 2168
  • Weight (gr): 1.22g
  • SKU: E 2168
  • Location: İstanbul Merter Showroom

Available Options

Product Material: Zamak Metal

Dimensions / Dimensions : Inner Width: 24.3 x 6.4 mm / Thickness: 1.8 mm

Number of Pieces: 1 Piece

Color Options: Light Gold, Nickel, Black Nickel, Gun Metal, Chrome and so on (The product color offered is for sample purposes).

According to the needs of our customers, the coating process (coloring) is done within 2-3 working days. For other terms and colors, please see Special Coat Colors tab.

Product Style: Fashion style. Can make any logo/pattern on the surface. (By making a special mold for your company)

Packaging: Nylon Package, Standard box or packaging according to the customer's special requirements.

Sample Time: If the product is in stock, Same Day Shipping is made. New product development process 7-10 days.

Cargo Delivery Time: Same Day Cargo is made if the product is in stock. If out of stock, the deadline is 3-4 business days.

The Most Common Uses of Metal Buckles:
Leather belt (Belt Buckle)
Bag accessory ( Bag strap buckle )
Shoe Accessory (Shoe accessory and setting swap)
Leather Clothing (as belts and accessories)
Textile clothing (as belts and accessories)
Outerwear (as belts and accessories)
Women's dress (as belt and accessory)
Tops (as belts and accessories)
Haberdashery (as belts and accessories)
NOTE : For your questions and opinions, please do not hesitate and you can contact Ask Question, WhatsApp application or contact numbers.

Why U.S
Factors for which we are appreciated by customers include:

Supplying metal accessories for bags, garments with more than 20 years of manufacturing experience.
Well-known market trends, faster product updates, fast pace with the international fashion line.
For quality assurance, we have a team of quality control teams that conduct quality inspections at different production stages, from the procurement of raw materials to the final delivery of products
More than 3000 different designs for your selection and design options according to your needs.
Working with leading companies in the market.
Production of 300 thousand metal accessories monthly.
Processes: Different production and coating techniques are available for zamak buttons, snap button types, eyelets, zipper pulls and pull tabs, metal buckles, badges, stoppers and tie ends.
Comply with ROHS test requirements.

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Special coating color orders are valid for the following quantities.

1- On the buttons     

  0 - 10 mm diameter button for 3500 pcs.      

10 - 20 mm diameter buttons for orders of more than 2500 pieces    

   20 - 30 mm diameter buttons for orders over 1500 pcs.     

  30 to 40 mm diameter for 1000 pcs or more

2- Two parts snap systems    

    For orders over 500 pcs and above,

3- Buckles        For orders over 500 pcs and above,

Customer-preferred color coating is made. Price differences arising from the coating color are reflected in the product price. Delivery time is 3-4 working days. Please contact us for further information.


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