Jackets, which have long been a symbol of elegance, nowadays have a solid place in the fashion sector with different types. Blazer jacket, which first appeared in Spain in the 16th century and then appeared in Spain in the 19th century, spread rapidly both in the country and the world in a short time. Blazer jackets are more casual in style and offer a wider choice of buttons than formal suits. Blazer button models are therefore able to attract attention as much as blazer jackets. 
Blazer jacket is very similar to sports jacket, but has several different features. Generally preferred by the business world, the main feature of this jacket is that it has a more casual cut compared to suit jackets. A blazer is more elegant than a sport jacket, but less serious than a suit jacket. Buttons are often used to distinguish blazer jackets because blazer jackets are characterized by different and metal buttons. It is estimated that the blazer button models used in these jackets are different due to the widespread use of the jackets among the ship captains. The quality of these jackets, which have become a major fashion sub-sector, is as important as the special blazer button set.


Why Blazer Jacket Matters
Why Blazer Jacket Matters

The most important difference of a blazer from classic cut jackets is undoubtedly its buttons. These jackets, which were designed for men in the early days of their design, attract great attention in the fashion world with different women's and men's button buttons. 
The importance of the Blazer buttons can be listed as follows:
● These buttons usually have an emblem. Mostly, these badges represent a particular institution or organization. For example, the coat of arms of a university can be pressed on the buttons of the blazer jacket. Blazer button models often show the corporate identity of the person wearing the jacket.

● Blazer jacket set has become a status indicator just like cufflinks. Therefore, especially for those who will participate in expensive invitations, the jacket's buttons have more meaning than they seem.
<h2> Blazer Jacket Button Prices are determined by
The prices of buttons specially designed for blazer jackets vary depending on the raw material of the button, the pressure of the button and the button brand.

Blazer jacket buttons are available in many different materials. Of course, the best quality blazer buttons are made of gold. There is a difference in button quality according to the setting of gold. Gold blazer jacket buttons are mostly preferred with gold printed jackets. Those who want to know where to buy the best quality blazer jacket button are the gold jacket buttons.

Another preferred raw material for blazer jacket buttons is silver. The next top quality blazer button is made of silver.

The most popular blazer buttons in the market and the cheapest in terms of raw materials are metal buttons. Metal blazer jacket buttons are preferred more often by craftsmen because of their easier printing and being cheaper.


What should be considered when sewing the Blazer Jacket Button ?
What should be considered when sewing the Blazer Jacket Button ?

Another frequently asked question about the blazer jacket buttons is nasıl How to sew the blazer button??. General considerations when sewing a blazer button can be stated as follows.

● Make sure that the symbols on the buttons are pointing in the correct direction.
● Buttons should be sewn at equal intervals and with the same tightness levels.
● The rope of the button must not be visible when viewed from the outside.
● Since blazer buttons usually contain metal, unlike conventional jacket buttons, the number of stitches should be higher than that of classic jackets.
● When sewing a blazer button, the rope should not be a thin rope.

It should be noted that the blazer jacket button is generally different from the normal jacket buttons and therefore the sewing techniques are also special. If you have ordered a blazer button and you want to sew the button yourself, you must always consider the above points for the healthy use of the button.