Buttons can be used as decoration material in order to add charm or a little bit of vitality to any item. If you wish, you can design artificial flowers using pieces of fabric, felt, wire and various buttons. Such a bouquet will delight you for a long time, and your flowers will never fade. For example, you can use the buttons to decorate the glass vase. Fill the vase with colorful buttons and your decor is ready.


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You can use buttons to decorate picture frames or reveal your text. For example, you can decorate your name or initial letter. To do this, you can work on a photo or mirror frame using glue and buttons.

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You can add special decorations to your home using simple buttons. For example, if you have durable threads in your hand, you can make curtains with different patterns with buttons of different colors. If you show more care and patience, you can make incredible button curtains that will keep you away from flies in the summer.

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If you have a rich imagination, there is a lot you can do. As long as you have your spare time, desire, inspiration and of course… buttons, you can decorate absolutely anything - furniture, curtains, clocks, mirrors, doors, lamps and more. The lampshade, decorated with buttons, looks very creative and lively. For example, you can decorate a beautiful night light and associate it with the general style of the interior.

It is seen that ordinary buttons adapt to all spaces in interior decoration.

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In your spare time, you can make rings, bracelets and necklaces with different beads and button types with your children.


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Creating murals from buttons is a great idea. Such a work will make a difference by changing the atmosphere of your environment. For example, you can draw a tree or a butterfly.


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You can create all kinds of works of art - pictures, panels, souvenirs ... The best part of this process is its complexity and short duration - buttons can be sewn, glued or arranged.


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In the meantime, you can use the buttons to make your shopping bag more fun and stylish.


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Another good option is to create a workshop to create colorful photo frames and decorate baby room items with buttons.

You can also create your own style with buttons of different shapes and colors for your designs. Enrich your dresses, overalls, skirts, jackets and coats with different button combinations


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