Metal Halka Deri Kemer kalitesini ne şekilde etkiler?

Belt for both men and women is an indispensable textile product used for both clothing and accessories. As in many textile products, leather is the best quality raw material in the belt. In some types of leather belts, we can see that the buckle holes are covered with a round metal ring. Whether there is a change in the quality of leather belts attached with metal rings is one of the most important issues about the belts. 
First of all, the leather is valid for many products and it is necessary to determine whether the product we buy in the belt is real leather. If the belt you purchase is genuine leather, the added ring will not affect the quality of the belt, whether metal or not. 
The development in leather production technology has also increased the production of artificial leather. The effect of the metal ring on the leather belt is also related to whether this product is genuine leather.


How to tell genuine leather belt?
How to tell genuine leather belt?

At this point, understanding whether a belt is genuine leather or artificial leather will allow us to understand the life of the product when buying a leather belt with metal rings and whether this metal ring will deform the product. 
In order to determine whether a leather belt we will purchase is real or not, we need to pay attention to the following points: 
● First of all, you should know that the real skin has its own smell. Artificial leather, on the other hand, has the smell of plastic and chemicals since it is the processed form of plastic. 
● Another thing to understand the difference between genuine leather and artificial leather is to keep the belt on fire. Genuine leather does not burn at the first moment when caught in fire. Artificial leather will ignite due to the plastic content. 
● Sewing accessories for genuine leather are always made properly on belts and other products. There will be no errors in the stitched parts of the genuine leather. 
● The most common misconception about leather belts is the price of the product they will receive. It is seen that many consumers think that if the price of the products they will buy is high, it is real leather. However, it is often wrong to make such a generalization. Because many big brands are selling artificial leather belts at very high prices.


What is the effect of Metal Ring on the quality of Leather Belt?
What is the effect of Metal Ring on the quality of Leather Belt?

As mentioned above, the effect of metal ring on leather belt quality is related to whether the belt is real leather or artificial leather. If your belt is real leather, adding a metal ring will not affect the quality of the product. 
In addition, artificial leather products are quickly deformed. Artificial leather belts with metal rings are also slightly shorter than the normal deformations and artificial leather products are used for a shorter time. 
Therefore, as with all products with leather raw material, for leather belts, choosing genuine leather will allow you to use the metal buttoned belt for longer.