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Display any products from a variety of predefined sets or define your own custom criteria based on categories, brands, options, attributes, price, etc.
Each module can have its own custom style and image dimensions and be positioned in any column combination via the Journal 3 page builder. | Caglayan Textile Accessories and Trade. Ltd. Ltd. Şti s E-Commerce Site


Our collections are the result of a successful combination of creativity, high-quality materials and precision surface treatments. Our products have a fascinating design that corresponds to both current trends and classic lines. When you encounter the first product range of, the rich selection will fascinate you.

  • Metal Button
  • Footed Button Models: Blazer jacket, coat, topcoat, coat and dress buttons
  • Jeans Button: Jeans buttons ,, jeans escape buttons
  • Snap button: patterned, simple and of different sizes
  • Outerwear studs: Functional and aesthetic
  • Metal buckle: different sizes
  • Bag buckles
  • Metal Eyelet: Patterned and Plain, Belt Eyelet, Shoelace Eyelet, Coat and Pants Accessory
  • Metal rivets
  • Pullers: Zipper pullers and zipper stoppers
  • the Bağuc
  • Stopper - cord lock
  • Brooches and badges

and other Textile and Leather Metal Accessories Manufacturing and Wholesale - Retail Online Sales

Whether with simple accents or interesting contrasts, it is possible for us to bring your bold ideas into the world. Choose from a variety of textile and leather metal accessories, including metal buttons, studs, buckles, ties, pullers, badges, brooches, two-piece studs and many more. Discover the best accessory for your outfit on our site. has many years of experience in this sector and offers the best products on the market at the lowest cost for you!

A wide range of textile and leather accessories, including buttons, snap fasteners, clasps, fasteners, handles, rosettes, brooches, two-piece snap fasteners and many other products made of zinc alloy, sheet metal and other metals, are available in small, large has been operating in Istanbul Merter for years with the aim of reaching companies and meeting accessory needs. - Adds Elegance to Your Products!

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