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27 Sep What are Metal Button Manufacturing Materials?
Turkan Senturk 0 11
Metal buttons are one of the most popular buttons because of their surface finish, durability and decorative function. Depending on the materials of manufacture, metal buttons can also be grouped as: ..
27 Sep New Blog What Is a Garment Fastener Actually?
Nurgin Mehmed 0 58
What exactly is a “clothes fastener”? Simply put, it is a tool used to hold two pieces of fabric together. In practice, we use a dress fastener, such as a button or zipper, so that we can easily rem..
19 Jan How to Determine the Zipper Type Correctly?
Turkan Senturk 0 5296
  Zipper type (size) does not mean zipper type. Zipper Type - It means the zipper's tooth number and zipper number. Many people confuse zipper type with zipper pattern or zipper number and zipper ty..
12 Jan Zipper Types | How to Determine Zipper Type (Zipper No)?
Nurgin Mehmed 0 4591
There is often a confusion between the zipper type and the zipper type. We have covered this article to enlighten this problem to my customers. Zipper Type or Zipper Number or Zipper Size are express..
05 Jan How are Zipper Types Determined? All About Zipper
Turkan Senturk 2 7383
Do you think the types and types of zipper are complicated? Are you afraid to mix their places of use? Or "just don't want it"? Don't you find the resources written and published so far? If you answer..
21 Dec How to clean metal buttons?
Turkan Senturk 0 3420
Buttons, rivets, zippers pullers and buckles are very good in their appearance, but they get dirty and matte when used. For this reason, they should be cleaned without damaging the metal material in o..
15 Dec Button Decorating Ideas
Nurgin Mehmed 0 2884
Buttons can be used as decoration material in order to add charm or a little bit of vitality to any item. If you wish, you can design artificial flowers using pieces of fabric, felt, wire and various ..
08 Dec Do you have any idea how to use the buttons?
Turkan Senturk 0 1808
Any ideas on how to use the buttons?   Perhaps, every good housewife accumulates over time a mountain of buttons of different sizes and colors in her home. We remember with nostalgia how our grandmoth..
13 Oct How to Install Metal Fastening Buttons? Where is it used ?
Nurgin Mehmed 0 6233
Four- or two-piece sets of fastening metal buttons (studs and rivets) have been in use for a long time and have a ship for more than a hundred years. Their function has hardly changed since their inve..
13 Oct How to Attach the Snap Button? Details and Things You Didn't Know about Studs
02 Oct All About Blazer Jacket and Blazer Jacket Button
Turkan Senturk 0 4405
Jackets, which have long been a symbol of elegance, nowadays have a solid place in the fashion sector with different types. Blazer jacket, which first appeared in Spain in the 16th century and then ..
02 Oct How does the Metal Ring affect the quality of the Leather Belt?
Turkan Senturk 0 3421
Belt for both men and women is an indispensable textile product used for both clothing and accessories. As in many textile products, leather is the best quality raw material in the belt. In some typ..
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