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Snap-on zinc alloy buckle 38 cm E 465

Snap-on zinc alloy buckle 38 cm E 465

About Our Sales Policy

  • For Single / Retail orders (1-200 pieces), we ship from the Colors Available in Stock and we ask you to order a minimum of 12 (1 Dozen) or its multiples.
  • The quoted price is one retail price.
  • The price offered is valid for standard colors, without enamel and stone, and price difference is applied for products with enamel and stone decoration.
  • For orders of 200 pieces or more, the color preferred by the customer is coated and sent with a delay of 3-4 business days.
  • Please ask price for purchases (5000 pieces and above).
  • For colors other than standard colors, solid colors, enamel, stone and glass stone products, please see the Special Coating Colors tab or contact us.
  • In the case of quantity orders, work is done with the logo of your company and in accordance with your own design. Please contact us.
  • There may be color tone differences between the visual and the real product due to light reflection in the photographing of the products.
  • For international shipping (DHL shipping fee is reflected for orders from countries with shipping) and for shipping costs, please contact us.


500 or more $0.86
1500 or more $0.80
2500 or more $0.74
5000 or more $0.62

Available Options

• The price offered is a price
• Packing: A nylon transparent package includes 500 38 mm buckles
• Available in one color for Nuumune and sold as 12 times

- Made of high quality zinc coated raw material.
- 38 mm 2-piece buckle in one package
- Can be used in men's and women's clothing.

Inner Width: 38 mm (60 lines)
The outer width is 45 mm.

usage areas
• Leather bag
• Leather clothing
• Textile clothing
• Outwear
• Women's dresses
• Top Clothing
• Haberdashery

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Special coating color orders are valid for the following quantities.

1- On the buttons     

  0 - 10 mm diameter button for 3500 pcs.      

10 - 20 mm diameter buttons for orders of more than 2500 pieces    

   20 - 30 mm diameter buttons for orders over 1500 pcs.     

  30 to 40 mm diameter for 1000 pcs or more

2- Two parts snap systems    

    For orders over 500 pcs and above,

3- Buckles        For orders over 500 pcs and above,

Customer-preferred color coating is made. Price differences arising from the coating color are reflected in the product price. Delivery time is 3-4 working days. Please contact us for further information.


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